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Scratch And Grounder Clay Models by FierceTheBandit Scratch And Grounder Clay Models :iconfiercethebandit:FierceTheBandit 25 6
The speed of sound: Chapter 17
"Okay, so where is it we're going, exactly?"
The lavender unicorn sighed. "I told you Rainbow Dash; we're going to a mountain village named Klops Modan to find a pony named.. uhh..."
She opened the flap of her saddle bag, retrieving a small scroll, grasped within her magic. Opening it, she began reading.
"Uhhh… Here it is, we're looking for a pony named 'Honey Dew', he's the one reported to have seen the light."
Applejack moved closer to Twilight, looking over at the map. "Looks to me like we nearly there. Hey Rainbow Dash, ya'll mind flyin' up an' seein' how close we are?"
The blue equine gave a quick salute and took off, soaring in quick climbing circles. Having been walking for no less than six hours had tired Dash out, as were the others, but she was always in the mood for stretching her wings.
She looked over the new landscape; mountain ranges, some of the highest capped with white, some brushed with grass and forestry, the world was something that could take anypony's breath
:iconsid5594:sid5594 17 8
The speed of sound: Chapter 16
Rainbow Dash rolled in her bed, mumbling to herself, she raisied her head to look out the window. The sun's just rising. "Uhh, so early… Just a few more minutes."
She sunk her head back into her cloud pillow. Why in the hay did I wake up this early anyway?
The pegasus mare lay for some seconds more, then shot up out of bed, wings beating and her bed sheets flying, reaching a realization. "Oh horse feathers, that's why!"
Flying down the stairs, Rainbow Dash let herself calm down, and shifted to a hastened walk.
She looked about her cloud home, noticing nothing that she cared all that much for, aside from a small golden lightning bolt on a chain, the sole reminder of her foalhood, she looked at the stand the chain hung from. She smiled slightly, brushing off the necklace gently with her wing. "Heh, 'Flight School Little Lightning League. First place: Rainbow Dash, first year.' Jeeze, that's a long time ago, I didn't even stay with the academy for any long
:iconsid5594:sid5594 18 20
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The speed of sound: Chapter 15
The princess let out a long sigh. "So many things, first Nightmare Moon, then the Discord crisis, and now this."
"I'm terribly sorry for all of this, princess."
Celestia gave a minuscule shiver, not having known that she had thought aloud. "Hmm?"
Eggman gave a small bow. "It's due to my machines that Sonic managed his way into this world, if I had been more secure with my technology, your world would never have been touched."
She thought on what had been said, and pushed aside her worries. "It's not your fault Doctor; please don't blame yourself, right now what's needed is to find Sonic, not place blame."
The doctor smiled. "Thank you princess, you're absolutely right; capturing Sonic is our prime objective." He paused for a moment, in thought. "And now that I think of it, what do you plan to do with the one that helped him?"
Celestia paused for a moment. "Rainbow Dash?"
He nodded. "Precisely, the pegasus that aided his escape."
"You had told me that Sonic could easily persuade others
:iconsid5594:sid5594 17 20
The speed of sound: Chapter 14
Eggman's eye began to twitch uncontrollably, frustration and anger clear on his face. "What do you mean you can't find them?! How could you lose a big blue THING?! "
"I'm sorry, but they were too fast for the guard to keep up. We are now undergoing a town wide search." The guard replied, his face remaining the stony form it always seemed to be.
The doctor removed his glasses and rubbed at where they once rested. "Calm down, calm down. It's the rodent you're dealing with, it's the rodent, remember, chaos is the constant." His self-reassurance seemed to work, and he breathed a deep sigh, placing his glasses back to their place.
He turned to Celestia. "I'm terribly sorry for that outburst princess. You see, Sonic has time and time again managed to evade justice, and it's taken its toll on me, I'm afraid to say."
The princess looked over to Eggman, a hint of surprise on her face that quickly faded. "I suppose that would become irritating, but please don't take it out on the guards, they do
:iconsid5594:sid5594 17 25
The Race is On: Pg 3 by ss2sonic The Race is On: Pg 3 :iconss2sonic:ss2sonic 1,062 718





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Hai, guys! Good news, I'm not dead! 


But yeah, I've been very inactive around these parts for quite some time, so I figured I'd make a little update.

Sadly, I haven't had the drive for much artzy stuff other than some doodles here and there. I hope I can get back into it soon, cause I really want to get my groove back. XP
I've gotten alot of comments while I was gone, but I will -of course- go back and reply too all of them (at least those that needs a reply.)

Sorry in advance for the late replies. ;D

I also would like to thank everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday (Jeez, it's been 2 weeks since then...) 

You guys are awesome, and I love you all!!! 


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